Wednesday Media Mix

It’s a busy day, so I’m doing a meme – seems like a fun one.

Listen. Watch. Read.

Three questions, one each related to each form of media.

Listen: What was the first format you listened to music on—records, 8-tracks, tapes, CDs? A phonograph? P

Watch: What was the very first TV show you considered a favorite?

Read: Can you think of a book you find to be completely overrated?

My Answers:

Listen. A little tiny record player playing 45’s. Till I was allowed to play LP’s on the family stereo, which was a piece of furniture. But I’ve listened to music on all the formats that have been in existence since I was born, I think.

Watch. I remember loving “The Friendly Giant” as a kindergartner. However, reading that Wiki article brings back exactly zero memories. I seem to have only retained the name of the show and the fact that I liked it. I also loved Mr. Rogers. There certainly weren’t the plethora of children’s shows on in the 60’s that there are today.

Read. The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice. As an avid reader (at least I used to be, pre-kids), I was looking forward to immersing myself in a popular series but I couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters in the first book. Sorry.


One response to “Wednesday Media Mix

  1. Ooh, this is a good one. I had that same tiny little record player I think. I never had 8-tracks, but I’ve had everything else.

    My show was Dark Shadows. I’m sure my mother did NOT know I was watching it! I loved Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, too, but we didn’t get a PBS station until I was 6. And I was 7 when Sesame Street started, so I was almost too old for it.

    The Secret Life of Bees. What can I say? Did nothing for me. But I read to the end in the hopes that it would redeem itself. Alas.

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