NaBloPoMo Final Thoughts

Hey, a bonus post here on the final day of NaBloPoMo!

I did it! A post everyday in the month of November. I did resort to memes a few times, but otherwise I had surprisingly little trouble coming up with something to post about, which I had been worried about in the absence of a theme.

I’ll probably take a few days off from posting, but I find I like the routine of posting everyday, or nearly so.

3 responses to “NaBloPoMo Final Thoughts

  1. Looking forward to your return!

  2. WTG for completing it!
    I’ve passed on an award to you, come check it out :o)

  3. Way to go on NaBloPoMo! I think memes are perfectly legitimate ways to post, but then you know I’m overly fond of them and will do them even when I’m not tagged. I like the new header by the way – baby turtles are too cute.

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