Netflix comes through!

As a Mac user, I sometimes feel like a red-headed step-child. A lot of applications don’t work on my platform and it can be disappointing at best, and frustrating at worst.

When the WGA went on strike last winter, I joined Netflix and absolutely loved discovering new-to-me series: Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, Wonderfalls, and Weeds just to name (a few of) my favorites. The plan I subscribe to includes unlimited “Play Instantly” movies and shows, but due to DRM restrictions (or so they claimed), it was not available on the Mac platform. Major bummer.

Until December 4th, when I got an email announcing this:

Netflix Netflix Netflix
Now watch instantly on your Mac!!
Good news Mac users! Now you can watch movies (some new releases)
& TV episodes (including current season) instantly on your Mac. Watch as much as you want, as often as you want.

Watching instantly doesn’t affect the number of DVDs you get by mail and is included in your membership for no additional fee.

Watch instantly button

-Your friends at Netflix

I am so excited! This opens up a whole new world to me!

That is all! Tonight I am using the sitter I had lined up for my now cancelled date, and will be having a date with myself.


One response to “Netflix comes through!

  1. I miss my Mac so much. *sigh* But I couldn’t afford a new one, and my old one is so old that I could no longer upgrade it. It’s still sitting here on my desk, looking at me reproachfully.
    We haven’t tried Netflix yet – my brother-in-law had a great deal of trouble out of them for not crediting him with movies he sent back, adn I just don’t need that kind of trouble. But if they send them directly to the computer . . .

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