After a lazy morning I realized that the movie I’d been thinking about taking the girls to was due to start in a little more than an hour, and we were all still in our pajamas. I motivated the girls to hop in the shower to me with the promise of an exciting outing. This worked as intended, and the pestering to reveal the surprise began (reason #1 why I delay telling the girls about anything special or exciting until the last minute).

Krystal said, “Can you at least spell it? I want to see if I can read in the air!”

I can highly recommend “Bolt” – the hamster totally steals the show.

Oh, and Krystal apparently can read in the air. At least “movie”.


2 responses to “Kidisms

  1. I’d really love to see Bolt, as my oldest is a fan of Hampsters, and I think the previews look funny. Maybe we’ll head out for a Mom/son day…

  2. I try never to tell them where we’re going until the very last minute. And they don’t know about the arrival of people at our house until those people are actually walking through the door. It’s just better that way. We’ll have to check out Bolt.

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