My First Give Away

I had my hair colored the other day, and while I waited in the chair I was flipping through a magazine, Real Simple, I believe it was.  There was an idea that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind, and I thought I’d give it a try.

I am issuing a challenge to all my readers – leave a comment telling me about your favorite charity, and why. I will choose one from the comments next week, and donate $1 for each comment I’ve received on this post to that charity, up to $50. This is coming from my own pocket, no one is funding this but me. But I love the community aspect of giving, and I’m hoping to learn about some charities I may not already know about. I’m not sure how I’ll pick it – whether by whoever makes the best case, pulling a number out of  a hat, humor, whether I like you or not (just kidding!), or some other method I decide on at the last minute. But pick one I will!

So tell all your friends to come post here and tell me which charity we should donate to! Comments will be closed at 5:00 pm EST on Wednesday, December 17th, and I’ll announce the winner here the next day.

Disclaimer: The charity will have to be a legitimate, registered, non-profit 501(c) organization.

5 responses to “My First Give Away

  1. thoughtswithinrevealed

    My favorite charity would have to be the MS Society. Mostly because having MS myself I know all the amazing work they do within communities!
    This idea is amazing! I hope you have good luck with it

  2. Good luck with this.

    I could think of a lot of favorite charities. ONE of my favorites, a guinea pig rescue I do volunteer work for, is NOT a registered non-profit (mostly because of the paperwork involved).

    Therefore, I move along to another charity. A legitimate, registered, non-profit charity organization that I am *SURE* that you will have *NO* trouble sending a check to. There is an organization called Half The Sky that provides nurturing programs in China for infants and preschoolers. Half the Sky had a started a program at Princess’ orphanage right before she arrived. I truly believe that the care and nurture she had, because of the Half the Sky program, made her the beautiful, creative, loving person she is today.

    You know the plight of infant girls in China, and this organization makes a marked difference for many of those girls.

    • Ah, yes, Half the Sky has been a recipient of my donation dollars in the past – I am very familiar with them! I almost mentioned in the post a few organizations that are near and dear to me, but didn’t want to skew the suggestions. But having adopted two children from China (although neither were in HTS areas) and having lost two family members (sister and father) to cancer, I do have a special affinity for any groups that help folks like my family. But this isn’t about me, so we’ll see what others come up – and I know you mentioned quite a few in your 12 gifts posts that would be great ones too.

      Hey, we’re up to $2 so far! 🙂

  3. What a neat idea! My favorite personal charity is the SPCA. I usually give to the local one, to help local animals, but there is also an ASPCA….national version. Abused and abandoned animals tug at my heart and I think the SPCA does a good job at educating and addressing these important issues (ie, spaying, puppy mills, etc…) without going too far in the “wacko” direction, aka PETA. Their focus is on prevention, but they are also always there for the animals who need them when the prevention doesn’t work.

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