In Which I Donate to a Charity

Last week I posted about doing a blog give away to a charity. I invited readers to leave a comment telling about their favorite charity, and that after a week I’d close comments and donate a dollar for every comment, up to $50, to one of the charities.

Well, that week is now up. I didn’t get 50 comments, not even close, but I’ll be giving $50 anyway, since that just feels like the right thing to do. Here are the charities that were proposed:

  • MS Society – works to support those with Multiple Sclerosis in living their lives and finding a cure
  • Half the Sky – assists orphaned children in China by improving their quality of life (both my kids were adopted from China)
  • Critter Corral – a guinea pig rescue group
  • ASPCA – works to prevent cruelty to animals

I think any one of these would be fantastic charities to donate your money to, and I’d like to encourage you to choose one of these, or any other that has meaning to you, and donate this holiday season. No amount is too small.

I thought about splitting up my $50 and giving to all four, but I’m going with my original intention, which was that one charity receive the entire amount. So finally, using a device of my own making, I’ve decided that the Ragtop Day charity donation of $50 will go to Half the Sky.

Thanks to all who commented, or even read this – and please consider a donation of your own to any organization of your choosing.

3 responses to “In Which I Donate to a Charity

  1. WTG for the donation, yay for Half the Sky!

  2. Shoot! I meant to come back and comment on that one when I had the time and then forgot! Oh, well, I didn’t have any good suggestions anyway. Half the Sky sounds like a great one to me.

  3. I’m sorry I missed this – you should have emailed me! But Half the Sky sounds wonderful (and that is a gorgeous picture.)

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