Pugilists Unite!

Which is a play on Boxing Day, in case you didn’t quite get the reference.  And that concludes my knowledge on the subject.

So it’s the day after Christmas, and it occurs to me that we have been very busy here in these parts, but my blogging muscles feel limp at the moment. Probably because I have had no more than 3 hours of continuuous sleep in the last 3 nights, which is wearing on  me.

On Christmas Eve, on top of dealing with children too excited to sleep, a child battling asthma/coughing episodes throughout the night, a puppy who still needs to go in the middle of the night (I am so over this), our carbon monoxide detector apparently decided it was time to alert us to a “Low Battery” at 1:30 am. Merry Christmas indeed!

Upon seeing the pile of gifts under the tree Christmas morning, Belle declared “There’s too much presents!”


It’s amazing how it adds up, and how dramatic it looks when it all goes under the tree on Christmas Eve, after the kids are asleep.

I hope you enjoyed your day, however you chose to celebrate.

3 responses to “Pugilists Unite!

  1. HUH??? They have a special holiday for Pug owners?? :^).

    I wonder if they have a special holiday for Collie owners, or Cockapoo owners??

  2. We definitely had too many last year. It swallowed our entire living room, literally. This year was much more to my liking, a few really great gifts and a nice stocking full.
    My D was contemplating the existence of Santa this year, almost broke my heart. Thankfully he’s totally clueless about the Tooth Fairy.

  3. Your Christmas room is lovely. It looks like a magazine picture. I may post the aftermath of our Christmas morning. It definitely does NOT look like a magazine picture.
    Boxing Day is named because in Britain on the day after Christmas the servants in rich houses would box up all the leftover Christmas goodies and take them around to the poor folks. (There’s probably more to it than that, but that’s basically the origin.)

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