One Mythical Gift Giver Debunked

Despite not having actually lost a tooth for some six months or so, Krystal has stepped up her questioning of the Tooth Fairy in earnest these last few days.

My mom was here for Christmas, and while I was busy making something in the kitchen I heard her ask my mom, “Did you know there’s no tooth fairy? That it’s just the moms who do it?” This was my first hearing of any questioning on her part. My mom said, very thoughtfully, “I think I used to know that – maybe I do remember that.”

Then tonight she asked me directly, “Are you the one who puts money under my pillow? Because that note looked like you trying to make your handwriting look funny”. (That would be the note she hasn’t seen in at least six months.)

“What do you think?” I asked

“I think it is you,” she answered, very excited.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said, still excited, like she’d figured out a really challenging puzzle.

Since Belle was in the room with us, I suggested we talk about it privately in a few minutes.

And when Belle was distracted with something else, she cornered me and said, “Tell me the truth – is it you?”

I opened my arms for her to come closer, picked her up, and hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear, “Yes, it’s me.”

“I knew it!” she declared, thrilled to have figured it out.

“But let’s not tell Belle just yet, since it will be fun when it’s her turn – you can help me,” I said.

She was quite happy to be part of that. Although she did ask me if she’d still get money when she lost a tooth.

And so I wonder whether we’ll make it through next Christmas with two Santa believers, since it seems to me a very small step from no Tooth Fairy to no Santa (and c’mon, who really believes there is an Easter Bunny hopping around?).


3 responses to “One Mythical Gift Giver Debunked

  1. Such a smart one! And, yes, I agree that it’s a small step from Tooth Fairy to Santa. But you handled this one graciously, so I’m sure you’ll fare well again. Good luck!

  2. Oh my. We haven’t had need of the Tooth Fairy yet (although they know there is one, thanks to the Santa Clause movies). But the other day I heard the Queen talking to her brother about the real and pretend Santas, and it sounded a lot like she was questioning the whole premise. I hope she doesn’t demand reality too soon. Life is hard enough without losing Santa at age 5.

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