Spayed and Sleeping

Our dog Tessie was spayed on Friday. I dropped her off about 8:30 in the morning, and they called me about 11:30 to say the surgery had gone well, she was awake and had eaten some food. I called again late afternoon and they said she was doing fine and had gone outside. Knowing that, I’m not sure why they needed to keep her overnight. On the other hand, not having her for a night meant I didn’t have to get up at 3:30 in the morning to take her out to poop, and was able to sleep in a bit Saturday morning. We all missed her, but the break was nice too.

When we picked her up Saturday morning I wasn’t expecting her to be “herself”, but she was. She was so excited to see us, and showed absolutely no sign of having had major surgery the day before. She pulled on her leash the minute we got outside, and jumped up into the car when I opened the door. Once home she was back to her regular routine with barely a blip.

Saturday night she slept in the soft crate next to my bed as always, and as always, she scratched on it in the midde of the night to go out. I stepped into my slippers and trudged downstairs with her, letting her out into the inch of snow that was falling (it would be 10 inches before it stopped mid-morning), and she immediately peed and pooped. Good lord, when will this ever stop?

She’s been licking at her stitches quite a bit – when the vet tech called to check on her yesterday she suggested putting a child’s T-shirt or shorts on her, but that lasted all of ohhhh, about 2 minutes. So I’ve been trying to be diligent in catching her and redirecting her. I’m very concerned about infection, or her pulling them out. And since I can’t watch her in her sleep, I made a big decision at bedtime last night.

I let her sleep on my bed.

And she slept till morning. No middle of the night potty breaks.

A fluke? Or a new beginning? Let’s see how tonight goes.

In the meantime, I may need to pick up one of those no-bite collars, as the stitch-licking is not letting up.


One response to “Spayed and Sleeping

  1. Don’t worry about the licking. They all do it, and I’ve never had an animal get an infection from it (and I’ve probably had 30 animals spayed – my mission in life seems to be to reduce the unwanted animal population :). ) It’s the first day that’s so important, which is why they stay overnight.

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