These are the kinds of snowmen I can deal with

I hate winter. I hate cold, I hate snow, I hate all the bundling up you have to do because of the aforementioned. I hate how dark it gets so early in the evening (which admittedly is less winter’s fault, and more TPTB re: daylight savings).

But when Belle’s special snack day rolled around this week, I went hunting for a fun, winter snack to bring. And I found this in Family Fun magazine:0707_crunchysnowmen

Pretty cute, huh?

I procrastinated making them, and didn’t get started til after the girls went to bed on Monday night (snack day was Tuesday). I made 24 of them, and it took two hours, but here they are:


They don’t quiiiiite match the photo from the magazine, do they? But I must admit I thought they came out pretty well, all things considered. I didn’t have anything to use to make the noses out of, so I told Belle the snowmen are so cold that their scarves are covering their noses. She thought that was just fine! And yeah, I know part of the idea of a child bringing in a special snack is to help make it, but that was just not happening.

Krystal’s birthday is next week and she wants to bring them to share with her class. Guess what she and I will be doing on Monday (during the day!)?

Belle’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day. Can you say store-bought cupcakes?


3 responses to “These are the kinds of snowmen I can deal with

  1. YUM! So cute!

  2. These are TOO, TOO cute! And I think you did an excellent job. I agree with you. I hate snow and cold. It’s snowing right now as a matter of fact and it’s about 8 degrees. I know it’s colder and snowier where you are, but I’m a southern girl. I don’t do cold.
    I make the little pretzels with melted white chocolate and sprinkles, but I never can get the chocolate to come out that smooth. Maybe it’s easier with the bigger pretzels?

  3. Really cute, kudos for being brave enough to make them!

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