And a Good Time Was Had by All

I’m happy, and relieved, to report that the joint birthday party yesterday was a success!

Here are the birthday girls in their Patriots jerseys, a gift from my ex-sister-in-law which arrived the night before:


And here they are in their special birthday thrones (Belle has somehow inherited my penchant for always having my eyes closed in photos):


My ex was in town and was actually a big help at the party – it was just nice to have an extra set of hands, even if he didn’t quite come through on taking the blowing-out-the-candles photos I asked him to get since he couldn’t figure out my camera in time. But I’ll give him a pass since he did do some work, unasked, on my front door which has been sticking dangerously.

We served cake and hoodsie cups, but taking a cue from a party we had attended a few months ago, decided against opening gifts at the party. Instead we took them home. I did this for two reasons: 1) it is really boring for most kids (and their parents) to watch the birthday child open gift after gift, and since I had 2 kids, with 2 separate sets of friends, this would be even worse, and 2) kids tend to crowd up on each other when opening, and it makes it a little crazy. I ran it by a couple of parents during the play part of the party and they were in full agreement. Can I also admit that I was planning on possibly re-gifting some of the items, and if everyone saw what the kids got then they’d know?  I know, I’m horrible, you can go ahead and think it.

Also, as I had posted about previously, I didn’t do goodie bags of any kind. I had thought about getting gift cards at McDonalds to give out, but then when I figured out that would still cost me $44 (I was figuring $2 per kid) I decided that was a bit steep for me. One kid did ask about them as the party was breaking up, but I hope no one missed them too horribly.

I’m thinking next year the celebrations will be a little lower key…..

We still have Belle’s actual birthday, two weeks from today, and then we can relax for a bit!


2 responses to “And a Good Time Was Had by All

  1. I’m glad it went smoothly and the ex was somewhat helpful. Hope they had a great time!

  2. Way to stand firm on the no treat bags!!! Hopefully you’ll start a trend in the right direction.
    Glad everyone had a good time, but the idea of all those children at one birthday party (even for 2 kids) makes me feel faint.

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