City Hall is Right, Damn it!

It’s tax season. Oh glory days.

Last week I got a letter from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. I don’t live in New York state, although I did at one time. I moved from there in 2005, and filed a partial year tax return, just as I was supposed to. This letter, which was so warmly written, informed me that I had made one of four different errors (apparently they couldn’t be bothered to tell me which of the four), and I owed them $120 for the error, plus $30 and change in interest for not paying it all those years ago. I set the letter aside when it came as I had too much else to deal with.

Today I pulled it, and my 2005 taxes, out to see what the heck was going on.

It turns out that they are right – when figuring my NY state deduction, one of the values from my federal form was never transferred over to the state form.

HOWEVER, I used Turbo Tax to do my taxes that year (as I do every year). The program is supposed to take care of that for me, is it not? Isn’t that one of the beauties of using tax preparation software in the first place??

So, I paid the $150+ today, since I don’t want even MORE interest to accrue, but now I have to figure out how to get Turbo Tax (e.g. Intuit) to make this right for me. I’m pretty sure they guarantee their software against math errors, and I think this counts as a pretty glaring one. Anyone ever taken advantage of that guarantee? Will they cover the whole amount, just the interest, or will I end up so frustrated trying to find someone who cares that I’ll wish I’d never even tried?


2 responses to “City Hall is Right, Damn it!

  1. I’ve never tried to use the computer software so I wouldn’t know about their guarantee, but man, that sucks. Looks like the IRS would give you a bit of a break for computer error . . . never mind, this is the IRS we’re talking about.
    Kentucky has a state income tax so I’ve been filing 2 returns for years, and the state doesn’t allow some of the deductions that the feds allow, so I can’t just transfer the numbers from the itemized list. I hope Turbo Tax comes through for you. Come to think of it, my brother-in-law uses Turbo Tax and had a problem of underpayment a couple of years ago. I’ll ask him.

  2. There are ALWAYS errors in tax software. You’re always best filing at the last minutes so you can at least have the most updated software.

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