Running, I Miss You

OK, let’s see where we are on this. Can we get a time line, please?

September 2008 – Tessie the dog entered our family. I altered my work schedule to be home with her full time for the first two weeks.

October 2008 –  I started working from home at least half days, again, to accommodate the addition of the pup. The longest stretch she’s been alone has been about 5 hours, but most days it’s between 3-4. Since my office is a 10 minute drive from the house, this makes this ever so much more possible. I don’t think I can recommend anyone get a puppy unless they can have someone home a good portion of the day. Obviously in the beginning we’re talking about house training, but even after that it’s about companionship, socialization and preventing boredom.

November/December 2008 – Winter arrived in earnest. And by this I mean: cold, snow, ice, snow, cold and on and on. Which means there’s not a whole lot of outside-ness going on.

I say all this to say that with finagling my schedule each day to be home at least half time, meet all my work obligations, parenting responsibilities and still be a responsible dog owner, I have not been getting outside to exercise. At all.

Which brings me to my point (I do have a long winded way of getting to this). Running is my exercise of choice – it’s the only type of exercise I’ve found that makes me feel as good. And while I’m mostly talking from a physical standpoint, I also have to add mental to that list. Given the winter I’ve been having, I think my psyche could really benefit from a good run these days. I take my iPod and listen to podcasts mostly (my favorites focus on “Lost”, Disney, football, and “Heroes”). But just getting out and moving my body, breathing fresh air and living in the moment.

I miss running. I need to find a way to work it back into my day. It’s times like these when having a parenting partner would come in real handy.

2 responses to “Running, I Miss You

  1. I do not run. I would rather do anything than run. Particularly in winter. Asthma and cold humidity do not mix.

    I have a Cher aerobics tape. (Of course, i haven’t used it in years – I probably wouldn’t make it past the first 5 minutes). But it’s an excellent workout and you don’t have to leave the kids to do it. As to the fresh air, maybe you could open a window?

    Not helpful I know. Maybe I’ll come up with a brilliant plan later.

  2. We got a Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas (thanks, Mom!), and it’s fun, and I use it. But it’s not running. There is something about running that really moves me (ha ha). I know lots and lots of people who can’t understand that about me, and that’s OK.

    Let me know when you get that brilliant plan – I’m trying to cook one up too.

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