And what trick would you like to do?

Every year the pre-K classroom at our daycare hosts a Sweetheart Dance. It is always near Valentine’s Day, and the children practice “cheek-to-cheek” dancing for weeks leading up to it. It’s a formal event, and girls are expected to wear dresses and boys to wear ties. Belle has been asking daily for two weeks  if today is the “tea party”, and this morning she picked out the dress she will wear tomorrow – I’ll be sure to post a photo.

Tonight on the way home Belle was all a-buzz with the plans for the big day. She reported that one of her teachers had told the kids she was going to wear a suit and tie to the party. Belle said she told her “No, you can’t, because you don’t have a p_enis!”

Luckily she couldn’t see me in the front seat, as I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be mortified. But she wasn’t done.

“But Keith has a p_enis and boys are so lucky to have p_enises! I wish I had one! Because boys can do tricks with their p_enises!”  [Yes, she really did say p_enis that many times. At least.]

Oh, and by tricks? She meant to pee standing up. Which I must confess is a trick I’ve often wished I could perform.


2 responses to “And what trick would you like to do?

  1. LOL
    Oh my goodness…I wish I had a penis sometimes too for that very reason…too precious!

  2. The Queen announced at the library today that DeBoy plays with his. And sometimes she watches. I’m so proud.

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