Friday the 13th

Well, our Friday the 13th started a day early. Last night Krystal and Belle were playing in the bathroom – Krystal tried to pick Belle up and carry her like a baby, and she slipped and Belle fell. I was downstairs and heard much crashing, followed by crying. I flew up the stairs to find a crying, bloodied Belle, and a big sister who was falling all over herself apologizing (which is how I know she felt like she really caused it). Her lip was bloody and she has a massive black and blue mark on the side of her face, along with several blood blisters along her gumline. I have no idea how that happened, but I suspect she’s going to find eating and drinking a little painful for awhile.

Belle's Gum

Now me, I’ve always been a fan of Friday, the 13th. Call it the rebel in me. And how fun that we’ll have another one next month!

Here is my little sweetheart at school, on the day of the Sweetheart Dance (and I am so ticked that I cannot get this to be properly oriented – it looks fine on my computer!!!):

Belle is a Sweetheart

2 responses to “Friday the 13th

  1. Well…at least she didn’t loose any teeth.
    I don’t mind tilting my head a little…honest ;o)

  2. The Queen likes to pick DeBoy up like that. He only weighs 5 pounds less than she does. She’s fallen over with him several times. So far we haven’t drawn blood. I hope she feels better soon!
    And what a little beauty! I love that dress.
    And I don’t mind hanging out sideways. I need to stretch like that more often.

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