My Current Pet Peeve, also known as, Can’t people follow simple directions anymore?

We live in a “neighborhood”, and our house is on a corner. Our mailbox and driveway are on the side street, and not the street that is in our address. In fact, thanks to the previous owners, the mailbox sports our street number, and our street name. Got that?

In just the last week my doorbell has rung unexpectedly on three different occasions. Two of these rings occurred after dark,  after the kids were in bed, and it was a little unnerving.

Upon answering the door (with my barking ferocious 7 month old dog in tow) I have found:

  • Domino’s Pizza delivery person
  • Pizza Hut delivery person
  • Cable TV technician

And that’s just in the last week!

I’ve also had guys attempting furniture delivery, Terminix responding to a pest call, flowers delivered on Mother’s Day (sorry, my kids can’t quite afford that yet) and many more pizza deliveries. (Apparently they really like pizza.) As you may have guessed, these are all for the people who live on the side street, with the same house number as mine.

Isn’t it pretty universal that the street the front door faces is the street the house is actually on? And if not, perhaps the street name on the mailbox isn’t obvious enough?

I wish I knew how to handle this. I don’t know the neighbors, but the only thing I can think of would be to let them know how often their delivery people come to my house first, and to ask them to be clear about directions when they order anything, but even that would probably be only about 50% successful.

Oh well, at least it gives me something to blog about.


3 responses to “My Current Pet Peeve, also known as, Can’t people follow simple directions anymore?

  1. Now, see, our address here is on the driveway and mailbox street…our front door faces the street that is NOT our street. The worst, though, is that there is a house of the same number on that street and we often get those people’s mail.

  2. Maybe you can put up a sign that says, “No I didn’t order anything, you want the house on the side street.”
    Then again, that would require reading skills, which I wouldn’t assume given the nature of the problem.

  3. Our mailbox is across the street from our house. We have a sidewalk on our side of the street, and they have all the mailboxes on the other side of the street. Our community couldn’t figure out how to put both sidewalks and mailboxes on the same side of the street. Anyway, our mailbox, with 1666 on it, is right next to the mailbox with 1667 on it. As you come down the street, our mailbox (1666) is the first one you see, hiding the 1667 mailbox. So, whenever we order pizza (rare), they go to our neighbor’s house across the street. Since our neighbors own another house somewhere else, they’re hardly ever living in their house across the street from us.

    The one thing that worries me …. one day I set our burglar alarm, and I forgot that I had set it when I opened the door to take the dog out for a walk. When I came back a few minutes later, I saw two police cars, and I immediately realized that I must have accidentally set off the alarm. The problem was that the police were walking around our neighbor’s house with their hands on their guns, ready to stop whoever was breaking into our neighbor’s house. The local police went to the wrong friggin house! You would think they should realize the situation with half the mailboxes being across the street from the corresponding house.

    In fact, there was one time when we had to call an ambulance for my husband, and the ambulance driver started going up to the door of the house across the street. I was waiting for them and yelled out the front door to them.

    I just hope if we have a real emergency that the police/fire/ambulance people will quickly figure out where to go.

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