Tweet! Tweet!

OK, I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon today.

I’m not sure why, except that everywhere I turn I’m reading or hearing about people on it. So I set up an account and am looking for interesting people and organizations to follow. And drawing blanks on the specifics of all the Twitter-ific stuff I keep hearing about. I’m following a whopping 9 people at the moment.

I don’t think I plan to tweet much myself, but I’ll use it to follow others. Unless a bunch of you are big tweeters and I should follow you, and you’d like to follow me. But that’s sort of what I see Facebook being for. Sort of.

Do you follow anyone interesting you think I ought to follow? Share yourself, or your favorite Twitter users, in the comments – I’m anxious to get some entertainment out of this!

Anyway, I’m on board!

3 responses to “Tweet! Tweet!

  1. I can’t find you! I’m going to email you my Twitter name so you can find me!

  2. Let’s see. Apathy Lounge is on twitter. And Scribbit I think. I’ll start paying attention and see who else is. I’m not. I already spend far too much time on the computer as it is. 🙂

  3. Hmmm. Let me think…. Uh, follow me! @negativelane

    But seriously, what’s your twitter name? I’ll follow you.

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