Off the Hook!

The phone I use for work, an old Blackberry, died last weekend. I first noticed it wasn’t acting quite right when the emails stopped coming in. That’s happened from time to time in the 3+ years I’ve owned this phone, so I did what I always did, and popped the battery out and then back in to “reset” it, or whatever. No change. Also, the battery was draining in hours versus days. Oh, and the worst of all was that I was unable to make or receive calls on it. Pretty much renders any phone useless.

So Monday morning at work I ordered a new one – I had my choice of three models, and finally settled on the Blackberry World Edition (Red).


Pretty, no?

I worked all week without a cell phone, and I learned that even though I don’t use my phone all that  much, I missed it terribly. I have a daily 9 am meeting which I am sometimes still in the car for, so I was accustomed to calling in from the road when necessary. Au contraire this week! I also stopped wearing a watch years ago when I began carrying a pager, and then cell phone, and I missed not having the correct time on me. I was also used to looking at it after hours to deal with any critical emails (it’s hooked up to my work email) and my schedule to remind myself of upcoming meetings. Additionally I also felt a teensy bit panicked along the lines of “But what if something happens to me on the way to pick up the kids?” and having no way to get in touch with anyone (of course it’s not like we don’t live in a pretty populated area, and for sure someone would see me and call it in if anything were to happen).

So the new phone arrived yesterday and when I picked the girls up they were so very excited. Krystal insisted on showing the other kids at the after school program and declared it “Sick!” and “Off the hook!” (gee, I hope not!) (also, when did I get so old?)  And while it does look cool, my employer blocks most of the fun features, so it’s really pretty utilitarian in the end. Not that I am complaining, since I don’t pay for it and am allowed to use it for personal use.

Now to start incorporating these new hip phrases into conversation!


3 responses to “Off the Hook!

  1. Wow, those are some pretty catchy catch phrases!
    Pretty phone…after a while it seems that living without a connection to the world can seem a bit tough. I like my phone and use mine as an alarm clock cause the rest of the clocks we have in our house are useless from kicks fingers poking & prodding them all the time.

  2. I thought “sick” had already been and gone as a phrase. I do like “off the hook” though. Of course, we’re usually 2-3 use behind current fads, so if I said it I’m sure I would immediately be carted off to the psych ward.

  3. I am a serious toy junkie, so I think there’s nothing more fun than a new phone. And I love my BlackBerry. I like the red better than my current pink, I think. (I’m not really a girly-girl, so I’m not sure why I chose pink).

    If you are able to download apps, now that you’re on twitter you should download twitterberry. I do the majority of my twitter reading/posting on my BB because it gives me something to do when I’m bored and waiting anywhere.

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