My Wild Irish Girl

Krystal before she left for school this morning:


She had a major tantrum last night, which seeped over to this morning a bit, over the lack of a suitable green shirt. The one she is wearing is a size 4 and the sleeves are short, so I told her to push them up her arms a little, and she had to wear a T-shirt underneath since it didn’t quite cover her tummy. I thought she looked smashing. Fortunately, once I drew the shamrock on her cheek, she agreed.

(Belle had a “Green Day” celebration at her school and came home with her own shamrocked cheek, green hair and nails, just so you know she wasn’t left out of the fun.)

3 responses to “My Wild Irish Girl

  1. LOL
    I know those tantrums, it’s amazing what we have to do to compromise.
    Glad they both had fun :o)

  2. Always glad to see a bit of Irish added to anyone!

  3. Too cute. Resourceful woman, you are!

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