We’re Talking Summer

As you can see, we still have snow on the ground at our house:



Despite this, it was opening day at the ice cream stand near our house. Every other spring we’ve lived here they’ve opened the first weekend in March. Now, I believe in eating ice cream all year round, but I have always said I wish they would open later in the spring, and stay open later in the fall (they have always closed the weekend after Labor Day, which is way too early for me!). This year, when the first March weekend came and went without an opening, I wasn’t too surprised. It was definitely still winter around here, and I decided the owners had seen the wisdom in holding off. But last weekend, the first weekend of spring, I was really expecting it. Yet it didn’t happen. There was talk in our neighborhood that the owner had been having health issues and may not open at all this season. Say what??

Fortunately, by Tuesday there was a handwritten sign out front saying “Open Saturday, 11-9”, and all was right in the world again. I promised the girls we would go.

Today dawned foggy and grey, but turned sunny by noonish. And we made a trip for ice cream.



The kids couldn’t resist wearing flip flops:


And we weren’t the only ones enjoying a cool, sweet treat:


Cue the band – summer is really on its way. I am ready.

3 responses to “We’re Talking Summer

  1. Yummmm….I’m still waiting for places to open here…

  2. Yesterday it was 40 and sleeting – and we ran into some friends whose daughter was in her brand new pink flip flops. It’s Spring! Who cares about the temperature? (It’s supposed to be 60 today – I’m much happier.)

  3. One of my first treats after Lent (I gave up dairy) will be a big old ice cream sundae!

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