Egg Hunt


Ever since I first tasted the nectar that is the Cadbury mini egg, I have been under its spell.

I think it was 1997, and a co-worker offered me one. I declined, since I thought they were a malted candy, and I don’t care for malt. But she said, “No, no, you have to try one.” I took one to be polite and……..swooned. I went out and spent a small fortune on my own stash. Thereafter, every year on the day after Valentine’s Day I would stock up as often as possible until Easter, which is the window of opportunity to buy these things. I am not exaggerating when I say that some years I spent upwards of $100 on them. I always told myself I was stocking up so I could have them year round, but honestly, they never lasted much past Easter.

This year I have been more health conscious, as well as “trigger food” conscious, and I have only bought a few of the single serve packages, which the girls and I share. But for their Easter baskets I decided to get them each a big bag. The Target sale flyer this week indicated they were on sale for $1.99, so on Tuesday I stopped in. I scoured the Easter candy aisle and saw all kinds of pastel covered M&M’s, mini-Snickers, Kit Kats, Hershey’s Kisses in more flavors than I ever dreamed, as well as jelly beans, peeps and chocolate eggs and rabbits. But no mini eggs.

So I asked.

And was told they were all out. WHAT!?!?

I tried our local CVS, which had also advertised them on sale, and they were out too.

Today I tried another Target and the candy aisle looked like the canned goods aisle after a storm warning. Not only were there no mini eggs, but there wasn’t much of anything else either. I stopped in at a different CVS with the same, sad, empty-handed results.


  • It appears the secret of the heaven contained in Cadbury mini eggs is out
  • Recession? Maybe non-candy Easter gifts are way down, but based on the stores in my area, kids in these parts will need an extra dental cleaning sometime next week.

Have you seen Cadbury mini eggs in a store near you?


4 responses to “Egg Hunt

  1. I love mini eggs…oh SO yummy. I haven’t been out too look, honestly. Would ya pay me shipping if I did? LOL

  2. I’ll look and see if we have any around here…I’m not an easter candy person.

  3. I haven’t tried the mini eggs. I’m too busy hoarding the creme eggs. Yeah, i know, I should be in a coma by now. If i find any I’ll let you know and send them to you for a late birthday present. I have to replace our plastic egg collection after 3 years. Not bad for plastic.

  4. Your introduction to them sounds much like my introduction to cocaine. Luckily, your addiction is both easier to feed and less dangerous – I think.

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