I See London, I See Paris

Krystal sang a little ditty while brushing her teeth tonight:

I see London
I see Paris
I see Mommy’s underwear!

She got it all wrong, but her way was definitely funnier.


Awhile back I posted that I missed running. I’m happy to report that running and I have become re-acquainted of late. I’ve even been multi-tasking by taking our dog running with me. I was hesitant at first, because I was worried about her paws not being tough enough to handle 3 miles on the road, but she has adjusted beautifully. In fact, when she sees me putting my running stuff on she gets very excited.

The downside of running with an exuberant dog is holding onto the leash. My hands are getting mangled, and of course my running form is interrupted by the very act of holding a leash. I looked into jogging leashes online, and even asked at the pet store where I buy Tessie’s dog food. The owner of the shop said I was the second person that week to ask about them, and that she would look into carrying them, check back next week.

Well, I didn’t want to wait a week. I decided it was no more than a belt, so I went to Target and bought the biggest collar they sold. I strapped that around my waist, while looping it through the handle of Tessie’s leash. Voila, instant dog jogging leash, for a fraction of the cost the web sites are selling them for. My running motion is more normal and my hands are ever so grateful. And Tessie is a little motor – sometimes it really feels like she is pulling me along.

I am getting the exercise I crave, and Tessie is a happy, tired dog. All is right.

2 responses to “I See London, I See Paris

  1. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Good for you on getting back to something you needed to do for yourself.

  2. That’s brilliant! Very creative.

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