Report Card – Too bad it doesn’t go both ways

Krystal brought home her third quarter report card today. I don’t know if this is true everywhere, but at her school the first and second grade report cards are, how do I put this, a joke. No, that’s not fair. They’re not jokey, but they’re not serious either. Her report card tells me nothing as a parent about her mastery, or not, of the subjects. Let me be clear in that I do not have any concerns about her academically (if I did I would have been talking to the teacher way before this), and in fact I’ve so far been fairly impressed with the curriculum. We live in a “blue collar city” with some more affluent towns around us – and I think her education, so far anyway, rivals any in the hoity-toity towns to our north and west.

Her report card, which was otherwise plastered in meaningless “3”‘s (for “Meets grade level expectations”) and “S”‘s (for “Satisfactory”), had a lone personalized comment at the bottom, which the teacher apparently had to enter into a computer. The comment read: “Krystal continues to excell in all areas. Keep up the good work!” The principal had then hand-written a smiley face and her name.

Oh, if only I ruled the world….(Even WordPress knows it’s spelled wrong!)


4 responses to “Report Card – Too bad it doesn’t go both ways

  1. totally agree,they also complain about this and criticise that but when we DARE to do either boy do we get it!!They complained about my healthy 5yr olds lunchbox contents(fruit,yoghurt,plain bun and ham roll and orange juice)and was it “right”that we walk to school some days(round trip=3 miles)here in ireland we have most kids driven to school,schoolkids have the highest obese rates here and there is NO p.e in most schools(probably get their excercise by carrying their stodgy chocolate laden lunchboxes into school!)I have 3 kids and have been feeding them for 20yrs,none are over/underweight,very,very rarely are they ill,i think i am the most qualified to “police”their lunch boxes,the 5yr old thinks his teacher is god,she came so close to giving him an unhealthy attitude toward food,he stopped eating everything!!long reply but i just had to agree with you.

  2. It took me a while to interpret the report card, literally required me to read it for 45 minutes before I got what was going on on the piece of paper everything was written on. Annoying, and pointless. I’m grateful I’m in the school as much as I am now, though, because I take every opportunity that presents itself to talk tot he teacher about D’s progress, or I make my Mr do it for me. I agree the report cards themselves are kind of pointless.

  3. Reminds me of a third-grade report card I got (and which my Mom saved – I’ll post it on my blog someday) on which the teacher said, “Jimmy has been behaving very childishly.”

    Well, uh, Jimmy is 7-years-old. What would you expect him to act like? 🙂

  4. Our first and second grade report cards were like that. E for excellent, S for Satisfactory, and U for unsatisfactory. That was the beginning of the end. Even in first grade it was expected that I get all Es. I got an S once, probably for PE since I was the world’s worst kickball player, and you would have thought I had killed someone.
    I am dreading getting reports from the kids’ teachers, because I WILL have to mark them up with red pen before I send them back signed.

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