Getting back to it is tough!

So you take a week off and suddenly getting back to blogging is serious work. And by “you”, of course I mean “me”.

I just came back from my first vacation without the kids, and it was awesome! If I have anything to say about it, it will not be the last! I flew out of town Saturday noon-time, and even just waiting for my plane to take off was a vacation. Especially since there were several families with young children in the waiting area who were dealing with loud and/or wiggly kids, and I could enjoy watching it rather than dealing with it. I also got to witness a clueless dad lie to his wife about why he wasn’t properly supervising their 2-ish year old son while she took their daughter to the bathroom, and got quite a chuckle (to myself) over that!

The friend I was traveling with arrived before me – we had a sushi dinner Saturday night, on Disney property, that I dare say was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.

Other highlights: parasailing! This was fantastic and I wanted to do it again even before I did it once.


My friend was petrified and insisted we go together, (I’m in front, she is behind me) but once we were up she said she wasn’t afraid and also wanted to do it again!

The adult beach was divine:


(those are my toes)

To summarize, it was a great trip, and my friend and I are hoping to make it an annual/annual-and-a-half tradition. This was part of a group, and the next scheduled trip is December 2010, so I’m already scoping out options for child care then. My kids definitely missed me, but my mother barely survived. I’m not sure I can ask it of her again!

P.S. If you are my Facebook friend and would like to see more pictures, please let me know!

One response to “Getting back to it is tough!

  1. You have discovered my wonderful secret about traveling alone, without children. Even the walk through the airport terminal and the trip through security are a pleasure since they are done ALONE! I’m going in search of more photos…

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