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This didn’t surprise me one bit!
This summer both girls will be attending the YMCA camp that Krystal has gone to the past two summers. Belle is finally old enough to attend, and I’m thrilled because 1) It’s a lot cheaper than the day care she attends now (even though she will be back there for Kindergarten in September), and 2) it means one place for me to drop off and pick up kids each day. That alone is going to add about an hour to my workday, which is a good thing!
But Belle going to camp means she needs certain things that Krystal already has. She needs a backpack big enough to carry her stuff around in all day (bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, lunch, water bottle, etc…), a lunch box, and a water bottle, just to name a few. Krystal has been getting her nose majorly bent out of shape at the new items Belle gets to pick out. So, in the store, I pulled Krystal aside to remind her of the times when she got these things and Belle got nothing, and that it is now Belle’s turn. Not surprisingly, this did not help her see the light. However, it did make me feel I’d done what I had to do, and the rest was up to her. Buying Krystal a new lunch box when her old one is perfectly good did not seem a reasonable solution to me.
So yeah, if that makes me strict, I’m OK with that.
If you would have handled it differently, I’d love to hear your ideas. And please share your quiz results if you take it!

5 responses to “The Mom Quiz

  1. I came up as Sgt. Strict, too! I think you did just right with Krystal.

  2. Hmmmmmm. I don’t think my gender qualifies, so I’ll skip this 🙂

  3. WHAT!!!! You mean EVERY time you buy a new something for one of your children you don’t buy a new something for the OTHER child???? You MEAN MOM!!!! (I’m a mean mom too so I know all about it :^) ).

    I have no brilliant words of wisdom today — just commiseration.

  4. I haven’t taken the quiz, but that’s exactly the approach I take with mine. They don’t like it, but they’re not supposed to.

  5. i can’t make the link work – i’ll try later

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