An Olfactory Mystery

Ah spring!

Spring deserves celebration because of warmer weather, outdoor activities, green grass, buds on trees, and all the beautiful flowers it brings!

I’ve been doing some regular running, which is through the streets near our house, all of which are residential. In the winter sometimes I run through a warm pocket, just a little blip where it doesn’t feel quite so cold for a few strides. In the spring I get a whiff of what smells like marshmallows to me.

I noticed that same marshmallow smell in our yard, so I decided to take a picture. I have three flowering plants in the “garden” (term used extremely loosely) in the side yard, but when I sniff them up close, I do not detect any particular smell. I am including a photo of the plant I think is the source, but I’m not entirely sure. One of the other flowering plants is an azalea bush, but I’m not sure on the other. Still, does anyone know what this plant is?


And a close up:


Whether you can identify this plant or not, does anyone know what type of plant might smell like marshmallows?

In other news — I think I am done watching American Idol. It takes up so much time during the season, and I was really disappointed with the way this year’s eliminations went. Some of my faves were eliminated early on, and I could not be more underwhelmed (b-o-r-e-d) with the winner. Can I complain since I don’t vote? Well, with their current voting system, you better believe it, because if I did vote, I’d call in one time, not set up banks of automated dialers/texters the way some do it.

Anyway, moving on…..


3 responses to “An Olfactory Mystery

  1. We had something that looked like that, but it sure didn’t smell like marshmallows…it smelled like dirty underwear. So be glad!

  2. A cross between Stanhopea Wardii & Assidensis?

    Seriously. Check out this site:

  3. It looks like some variety of lily, but I’ve never seen it on bushes like that. It’s gorgeous.
    And I’ve never smelled a plant that smelled like marshmallows.
    And I don’t watch American idol.
    So I’m basically completely worthless on all counts for this posts. Nothing to see here folks, move along, and have a good day.

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