Fairy Houses

Yesterday the girls and I attended an event for building fairy houses. It was hosted by Tracy Kane, the author of a series of books about fairies and building houses for them.

Belle’s house was mostly done by me, in relatively short order, in the crook of a large pine near the pond. Here she is modeling her finished project:

Belle's Fairy Houses

She had a lot of fun digging in the dirt in front of her house building large swimming pools and fire pits and playgrounds, while Krystal worked on hers.

Krystal chose a spot on the other side of the same tree. You can see in the photo above how close we were to the pond (a not-small-pond either), and it was a rather cool and windy day for late May (see the sweaters?). The wind was quite insistent off that not-small pond, and it caused angst in the way of structural challenges for Krystal. I lost count of how many times her work would be demolished by the wind, and we were both getting frustrated.

And then I suggested a design change, and while there were still some wind issues, it came together much more quickly.

Krystal Fairy House

I don’t expect Krystal to be a structural engineer or architect, but I think she does have an eye for detail:

Fairy House Interior

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but there is a couch on the left (the pine cone is the cushion), across from a TV (where she got the idea for the twig rabbit ears I have no idea, since her generation has never seen them!), a fireplace in the middle, and in the back a stone bed with a leaf coverlet.

Her big surprise though, was this:

FH Welcome

Even the photographer making the rounds was delighted with that. He said we may be on their web site by mid-week. How exciting!

FH Photographer

I think this is something we’ll do at home – both girls had a lot of fun, and I loved the creative aspect.

3 responses to “Fairy Houses

  1. Not to mention that anything using “found” supplies fits well within the budget :^).

  2. Excellent! Nice little touch, and imaginative!

  3. Those are awesome. I should try that in our yard. Lord knows we have enough trees. 🙂

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