Awkward Family Photos

I have had a few ideas for posts floating around for the last few days, but seeing as it’s Friday, I thought I’d go light and share a site with you. Someone told me about this site a few weeks ago and I read every entry in the course of an afternoon. I checked it out again today and have been laughing ever since.

Really – please go here to check it out. I’ll wait.

Do you have a favorite? I laughed at so many it’s hard to pick just one. While I generally prefer the photos to the stories, it was an email that had me laughing longest and hardest. See if you don’t agree.

Please share your favorite from this site, or any other funny places I should check out!

And to Jim – thanks for the tip on finding my funny – I’ve been giving that a lot of practice in my head. Which I suppose makes me sound a little crazy. Nutty, even. Oh well. I may try my hand at something next week.

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