Wearing Summer

See what Krystal made me?


Here is another view:


She got the thread/yarn (I’m really not sure what it’s called) in a kit for her birthday on making Friendship bracelets. She and her friends have been making them at camp and she is sporting 3 anklets on her own left ankle. One day last week she was home sick and decided to make me one. She had me pick four colors (from about 20 or so in the kit), and started right in. The colors in the photo appear a bit washed out (must be that super expensive camera with all the fancy settings, yeah, that’s it) but I chose pink, purple, green and white.

I think she did an excellent job, and it feels very “summer” to wear it. Which is good, since it’s about the only thing summery about this summer yet.

3 responses to “Wearing Summer

  1. LOVE the toenails! I almost never have the ooomph in me to go red. Mine are usually some shade of bright pink or bright pinky-orange. You definitely have summer toes.

  2. yay
    what a nice thought she had for you :o)
    Looks very summery indeed

  3. How nice!!! She’s a sweetie – and she did a great job on it!

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