Pudding Proof

It was just after lunch and time for me to dial in to a meeting I was the organizer for, when my cell phone rang. It was an unfamiliar, yet familiar number. I’d seen it before but couldn’t immediately place it.

Since my cell phone also doubles as my work phone during business hours I answered it, “Ragtop Day.”

“Hello, this is Annie at Camp-Where-Your-Kids-Go. Belle has not been herself today. All day. She’s been having a rough time and wants to talk to you. Would that be OK?”

“Sure, put her on.”

Belle gets on the phone and in the littlest voice ever says,”Hi Mommy. I want to come home.”

“What’s going on? Are you sad about something?”


“Does anything hurt?”


Hmmmm. Now I’m scrambling for something to say that will make this all better. I don’t think anything is really wrong. “OK. Well how about we have some pudding tonight after dinner. Would you like that?”


“OK, go have fun and I’ll see you in a little while. I love you.”

“OK Mommy”….”I love you too,” I hear much softer as she’s already handed the phone back to Annie.

Annie comes back on and I tell her that I’ve promised her pudding later on and she says, “The pudding seems to have done the trick. She’s happier already.”

If only all problems could be solved so easily.

3 responses to “Pudding Proof

  1. what a sweetie, I hope the pudding makes both of your days!

  2. Pudding always makes me feel better. Did you find out what was wrong?

  3. There is nothing that pudding won’t help!

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