It’s Label Day

Happy Label Day! Errr, make that Happy Labor Day! Krystal has trouble with her “r” sounds and has been calling it Label Day all weekend -it’s been an interesting lesson in speech!

Let me ask you something – do you know what the origin of Labor Day is? I’ll tell you what I thought. I thought it was a day set aside to honor the American worker. Although even as a child I wondered how the hospital workers, police, fire and convenience store workers celebrated since, let’s face it, someone is always working. Even more so in this day and age when we don’t seem to be able to turn it off. Still, isn’t it nice that there is a holiday set aside to not work?

Is that what you thought too? If so, we’re both wrong!

This article was in the Boston Globe yesterday and it was a revelation to me. In case you don’t want to read the whole thing, I’ll summarize.

When President Grover Cleveland signed the bill establishing a Labor Day holiday in 1884, it was intended not as a day of leisure, but as a day to promote the American work ethic. The day was supposed to be a reminder for us all to renew our commitment to work, the highest calling, and get back to it. It was placed at the end of summer to mark the end of “indolence”.

The article is quite long, and very interesting from a historical standpoint about the evolution of our culture.

I like knowing the history, but this holiday still works out to be a long, work-free weekend for me. Some labels I’m OK with – on this one, feel free to label me a hedonist.

2 responses to “It’s Label Day

  1. that’s some fabulous historical information. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what Labour Day was for…I actually barely registered it as a holiday, and often seen it as the last weekend before school starts, cause that’s what it is here in BC.
    Totally hear ya on the pronunciation thing, both my boys have some funny pronunciations that I have to have them explain before I understand what they mean.

  2. Fascinating article. I was getting all up on my high horse bemoaning how some folks were working hours at my local supermarket on Monday. Now I know I should have been telling them “Good! It’s about time you got back to work, you lazy good for nothings! And don’t put my milk on top of the peaches or I’ll have you horsewhipped!”

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