Musings on Toilet Paper

I am a toilet paper snob.


I will, and do, buy store brand milk, spaghetti sauce, crackers, cheese, napkins, trash bags and bagels (actually, we like the store brand bagels best!), but I have always splurged on so-called “premium” toilet paper.

What can I say? I really like the feel of something thick and soft on my bottom, rather than thin and rough (Git yer minds out of the gutter people!). I have always told my kids they only need “2 squares” after finishing a “typical” jaunt in the bathroom, but that rule is relaxed when out in public, since we typically need 5 times that to do the job. I have even wondered how much money people actually do save using the cheap stuff, considering you have to use so  much more of it per task, not to mention the lack of comfort factor during the process.

But recently I came across an article that has me second guessing myself. Apparently to make the really soft toilet paper (and tissues, paper towels, napkins and virtually any other product we prefer soft) they have to use old trees, since the fibers are longer. Recycled paper cannot be soft – only standing trees, the older the better, can do that. How awful to think of beautiful old trees being grown only to end up wiping you-know-what and being flushed away.

I like this quote at the end of the article and hope it’s true: “If they can put a man on the moon, they can create soft toilet paper without cutting down trees.”

For the record, I am an “over” person.



4 responses to “Musings on Toilet Paper

  1. Oh, how awful, all the old trees for that! Maybe it could be rationalized by figuring out how many come from just one tree?
    I’m SO an over person too…

  2. Damn, woman, that’s depressing. I love my UltraSoft Charmin…and I am DEFINITELY an over…

  3. two squares? really?

  4. I like Cashmere (formerly Cottonelle). I’m sure it’s not green.

    I was just about to write a blog about toilet paper and why men can’t put on a new roll! Oops..sorry. This is why I I don’t take my frustrations out on other people. 😀

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