Tree Troubles

What to do about our Christmas Tree this year?

I’m in the “two weeks before Christmas” camp as far as Christmas trees go. While not morally (or otherwise) opposed to artificial trees, we’ve always had a real tree and frankly, I have no appetite for purchasing an artificial tree this time of year. With my two week time frame, next weekend would be the perfect time to get our tree.

Except for one teensy little problem.

We are going away from Thursday – Monday as our big family Christmas gift this year.

We won’t be back till mid-afternoon on December 14th, and then work and school will take over the rest of the week. Yes, we could get our tree the weekend after we get back (in this case Dec 19-20), but we are actually going away to visit friends the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m not comfortable leaving a live tree up for more than a day without someone being home.

Anyone got a spare artificial tree we can borrow this year?

4 responses to “Tree Troubles

  1. I say go out and buy a little outdoor tree (we usually do a blue spruce), use it as your Christmas tree now, keep it indoors until May and then plant it outside in your yard. Although this year, it is a Norfolk Island pine that we will use…an indoor tree that found its way into our home a month or so ago (hus forgot that we are now buying trees to be planted)…

    • This is a great idea – where would I buy one? Would Home Depot or Lowe’s have something like this, or should I got to a nursery? Also, how much should I expect to pay?


  2. I could give you a truly crappy artificial tree if you’re near Watertown. I mean, really not good looking. But, I suspect you want better than that.

    Starstruk has a nice idea. I’d go with that.

  3. Do you have Freecycle? I’d be willing to be someone has a perfectly nice artificial tree they’re giving up because of downsizing, etc.

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