A Reader!

I am probably one of the last people to figure this out.

I’ve been reading blogs via a “reader” for awhile now. I’d click the little RSS icon in the address field and add them to my “Favorite Blog Feeds” folder. I’d then be able to check to see if anyone had a new post up to read. I could never understand when people would say something like “be sure to click through to see my new design” and other things, since I always landed one everyone’s actual blog.

Over the weekend though, all my subscribed blogs said “Live Bookmark Feed Failed to Load”. All of them! What is going on?

I’m not a total idiot (truly!), so I decided to subscribe to my favorite blogs using Google Reader instead.


After a slight “getting used to it” curve, I’m more thrilled than ever. I can immediately see whether anyone has a new post up, rather than paging through each blog separately. Blogs are listed alphabetically, rather than by the order in which I added them. True, I don’t get to see everyone’s side bars unless I click through, but it’s a nice fast way to read a bunch of posts in a short period of time. I love it!

3 responses to “A Reader!

  1. I don’t do readers. I’m basically just too lazy to bother with them. My blogroll tells me whether there’s a new post. But maybe I’ll try Google on your good advice!

  2. I like Google Reader, but so rarely use it. Hmm…

  3. jen @ negative lane

    I have both Bloglines and Google Reader set up, but I tend to use Bloglines more since it was the one I used first. Howeverm I think Google Reader is probably a better interface. But I love using a feedreader, even though it always makes me feel guilty for being “so behind” on my reading.

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