Bye Bye Hair

Yesterday, December 20th, was the day Krystal had written “Bye Bye Hair” on the calendar. She’s been growing her hair out for a good year now, always with the end goal of donating her hair. Several of her friends have done it over the last few years, and for a long time she was excited about it. As her hair got longer though, she started to cling to the idea of long hair.

We woke up to snow yesterday, and rather than deal with it, we decided to postpone the donation by a day. Today after school we washed it, and headed off for the big event.

The “before” photo:

Sectioning the hair into ponytails for easier cutting:

She is really not so sure this is a good idea:

Showing off the goods!

She sulked in the car all the way home about how ugly her new hair was. I aboslutely love it and think she looks completely adorable. It wasn’t till we got home and she was able to really look at herself in the mirror that she changed her tune. She asked for this photo to be taken and the smile is genuine:

I’m so proud of her. She can always grow it out again and donate it again (and again, and again), but for now I’m really looking forward to not fighting with her over keeping her hair brushed and out of her face!

5 responses to “Bye Bye Hair

  1. She looks beautiful, both before and after. Yes it does grow out! And what a great thing to do with the hair that gets cut off! I did it a couple of years ago, and I wish I’d known about it before that.

  2. So cute! It’s good that she is learning young that hair grows!

  3. Hooray for Krystal! Way to make me proud young lady!
    Absolutely beautiful with both long and short hair :oD

  4. jen @ negative lane

    So brave! I never would have been brave enough to cut off my hair at that age (and my hair wasn’t half that pretty). I love the new cut, though. It looks so grown up. (Uh, probably not what a mom wants to hear, but there it is.)

  5. One of the sad things about being a baldy guy – and I mean this – is that I would love to be able to grow hair to donate like that. Good for her!

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