Monthly Archives: February 2010

No School – huh?

Last week the infamous snow storm that took the midwest by, well, storm, largely missed the northeast despite dire predictions. While our neighboring state to the south called for a shortened school day or even canceled classes before any snow had fallen, our town held school as scheduled. I was proud and happy that our superintendent had sense to pay attention to the actual weather (flurries is pretty much the worst we got) instead of the mass hysteria.

Rrrrrrring! (actually more like a chirrup) at 5:30 this morning, woke me from my slumber. (a much needed slumber, I might add)

The automated recording from the superintendent announced that “due to weather conditions, all schools are closed.”

I’d been up with the dogs at 3:30 am and it was perfectly clear – I guess it started right after that, is what I was thinking.

I was wrong.

It is 8:20 am as I write this. No snow has fallen. The roads are clear. The sun is shining.


Little Girl?

Krystal, at 9, is a raging ball of hormones. I have no idea how I will survive the teen years. She is sweet and loving one minute, and a whining lunatic the next. Trying to get her to do ordinary tasks (get dressed, brush her teeth, gather her things for school, etc) is an exercise in futility, mostly. I find myself nagging her constantly, which we both hate. She takes a parental tone with her sister which drives me nuts and seems to delight in purposely annoying both of us. Give me strength.

I have been going out at night on average about once or twice a week. The girls both love the sitter. When they hear she is coming they quite literally cheer, and it is never a problem trying to leave because they are all over her. When I get home they have been asleep for 1-2 hours.

Last night in a quiet moment Krystal said to me, “When you go out I miss you. That’s why I always want to sleep with your pajamas. I feel safer knowing you’re here and that’s why I like it when you talk on the phone after I’m in bed. I like to hear your voice.”

I guess she’s still a little girl after all. Thank goodness.


Hello everyone,

Yes, I’ve been away. No, actually I’ve been right here, but I’ve been sadly neglectful of this blog. I check in daily (multiple times if you must know) on Facebook, and I gave myself an iPhone for Christmas that is my new favorite toy (text me, baby!), but this blog has been gathering dust. I feel sad about that.

I also have had a bazillion things going on.

My¬† mother and I had a very big fight over Christmas. I say big fight but nothing (really) happened. However, we have not spoken since then, aside from a brief conversation when she called me yesterday. Frankly, it’s easier having her out of my life. She says she wants to talk about what went wrong, but I’d rather not.

Krystal turned nine (NINE!) a few weeks ago. While we dispensed with a big party this year, we did do a special event with a friend over the weekend and had a family dinner on the actual day.

I helped organize – no, actually I planned and executed the whole thing – a Facebook-inspired reunion with some women from my high school. I was not particularly popular (nor was I unpopular) or even that social in high school, so you may wonder why I did such a thing. I can’t really tell you, except to say that it was a ton of fun to meet a group of women for the first time, who I knew 30 years ago. We are all different now, but we will always have that common bond. We are already planning our second outing. I am happy to report that I like who I am now.

Belle will be turning six (SIX!) in less than two weeks and I registered her for first grade yesterday. Which let me say I am looking forward to immensely because my exorbitant child care costs will dry up to almost nothing (comparably speaking). And the everyday logistics will be far simpler too. One chapter will be closing, and one opening soon.

I have been dating. A lot. And it is tiring. I seem to have a knack for sending men I like back to their ex-girlfriends (it’s now happened three times. so far.) But there is one man who seems to be rising to the top right now – I may talk more about him later. Or you can check out my dating blog if you’re interested, but not this minute because that one has been neglected too.

So, I’m no longer away – if you’re still out there I’d love to know it!