Little Girl?

Krystal, at 9, is a raging ball of hormones. I have no idea how I will survive the teen years. She is sweet and loving one minute, and a whining lunatic the next. Trying to get her to do ordinary tasks (get dressed, brush her teeth, gather her things for school, etc) is an exercise in futility, mostly. I find myself nagging her constantly, which we both hate. She takes a parental tone with her sister which drives me nuts and seems to delight in purposely annoying both of us. Give me strength.

I have been going out at night on average about once or twice a week. The girls both love the sitter. When they hear she is coming they quite literally cheer, and it is never a problem trying to leave because they are all over her. When I get home they have been asleep for 1-2 hours.

Last night in a quiet moment Krystal said to me, “When you go out I miss you. That’s why I always want to sleep with your pajamas. I feel safer knowing you’re here and that’s why I like it when you talk on the phone after I’m in bed. I like to hear your voice.”

I guess she’s still a little girl after all. Thank goodness.

2 responses to “Little Girl?

  1. Doesn’t get much better, I would suppose. You should be able to live on that comment for about a year or so 🙂

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