No School – huh?

Last week the infamous snow storm that took the midwest by, well, storm, largely missed the northeast despite dire predictions. While our neighboring state to the south called for a shortened school day or even canceled classes before any snow had fallen, our town held school as scheduled. I was proud and happy that our superintendent had sense to pay attention to the actual weather (flurries is pretty much the worst we got) instead of the mass hysteria.

Rrrrrrring! (actually more like a chirrup) at 5:30 this morning, woke me from my slumber. (a much needed slumber, I might add)

The automated recording from the superintendent announced that “due to weather conditions, all schools are closed.”

I’d been up with the dogs at 3:30 am and it was perfectly clear – I guess it started right after that, is what I was thinking.

I was wrong.

It is 8:20 am as I write this. No snow has fallen. The roads are clear. The sun is shining.


One response to “No School – huh?

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? Is it so damned hard for a principal to stick his head out of the window and see if it comes back cold and wet?

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