Monthly Archives: October 2010

Is This Thing On?

Hello? Anyone here? Well, I don’t see anyone, but I’ll leave this message in case anyone comes by later.

I’m coming back… November! I’m going to do NaBloPoMo this year. I made so many friends when I did it the first time….was it three years ago?? Wow. I’m hoping to reconnect and maybe make a few more friends.

Also, I’m looking to develop my creative side a little more. Writing, photography, cooking, crafts. Did I just say crafts?? I’m so not crafty. But I’ve become a huge fan of etsy, and have bought some beautiful things there in the past 6 months or so. I’m becoming a tad inspired, maybe. I already know what I want to try making – I just need to figure out what supplies I need and how to do it. You know, just a few little things like that. Oh, and I want to re-upholster the padded bar stools in our kitchen, which are torn to shreds. I already bought the fabric I want to use but I don’t know where to get the foam cushion things that we actually sit on. The ones JoAnn Fabrics sells are not big enough. Any ideas?

And if you’ve been here before and know our cast of characters and want to know what we’ve been up to (and don’t follow me on Facebook, where most of the details have been revealed), here’s the latest on us:

  • Krystal is now in 4th grade; Belle started 1st grade – wow! Belle has not lost a tooth yet and is wondering when it will happen to her. She’s past 6 1/2 now so it should/could be any time now….
  • We adopted two 8 month old kittens – brothers – in September from a local shelter. They are sweet, purring and affectionate. And they turn into hellions at night when we are asleep. I have to keep all foodstuff behind cabinet doors lest they get into them (cats like goldfish crackers, granola bars and chocolate, as they have broken packages open to get to all these things). I have yet to find a satisfactory (to me) place to keep the litter box. Conundrums.
  • We adopted another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a 3 year old Black and Tan boy, via a rescue organization less than a week ago! Yes, that brings our animal total up to 5 (three dogs and two cats). I am happy to report he is everything I wanted in a dog and that we are done. No more pets. He is so freaking cute I can hardly stand it. Also, he is a Mama’s Boy and I love it.

I think that about covers the highlights. Hope all is well with you and yours – see ya back here on November 1st as we kick this thing into high gear!