Post Halloween Post

See what I did there? I used “post” to mean two different things in the title! Oh, man, sometimes I crack myself up!

Last night was the coldest Halloween I think my kids have ever had. We’ve been extremely fortunate the last few years to have balmy weather for trick-or-treating. As a child I can remember having to wear winter coats under my costume, which really put a damper on my “I Dream of Jeannie” costume that one year.* I made my kids wear something warm under their costumes this year which didn’t matter so much for Belle’s knight (in shining armor) costume, but Krystal was dismayed by what it did to her girl vampire look.

And yet, there we were, walking around our neighborhood. In the dark. Where no one could notice details anyway. Oh, the things we worry about.

At one point I reached into Belle’s stash and appropriated a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup as my payment for accompanying her and missing part of the Patriots game. I took a bite of the most delectble flavor combination ever, and immediately offered the rest to Belle (I am such a generous mom, am I not?). It tasted like it had been in someone’s cupboard for the past 3 years. Which I do not understand, as any peanut butter and chocolate combination would be hard pressed to make it a week in my house, but I suppose not everyone can be like me.

As usual, the huge bowl of candy we leave out for kids to help themselves to was empty when we returned home. I would love to know if the first kid takes it all, or if I always seriously under buy candy.

* I would have rather died than expose skin ala Jeannie – that was a joke, people.


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