And the Bad Mom of the Year Award Goes to….


The end.

Oh, you want to hear the story?

Well, OK. I guess I could share it.

So yesterday afternoon I started feeling really lousy. Head, chest, nose – all over yuck. Not quite flu-yuck, just regular yuck. But I had to keep switching which side I was lying on in bed so the snot could drain from one side to the other. Doncha love that?

I’ve gotten in the habit of going for a run after I put the kids on the bus. I walk them to the bus stop in my running attire, do the “mom” thing with the other moms, then take off running while the moms (sometimes a dad or grandparent) head off to work, or home, or whatever it is they do. Then I come home and work (and squeeze a shower in somewhere too). It has been working out really well.

Well, today I wasn’t feeling well, still. I would have liked to just walk the kids to the bus stop in my PJ’s, but I forced some jeans on. I did still have my PJ top on under my coat though (sshhh, don’t tell!). Some of the other moms commented on my lack of running attire – I’m not sure they all really “get” me. Another story!

Bus came, chatting ended. I went back home and worked a bit. And still wasn’t feeling well.

So I made an executive decision. I headed upstairs, threw my PJ bottoms back on, and climbed into bed (with all 3 dogs piling in after me).

The phone rang shortly after I shut my eyes. The machine picked up and I could tell it was an automated call from the pharmacy. Nothing urgent. A while later I heard my work phone ringing downstairs. Well, they will have to wait. I slept a bit. Then the house phone rang again. I was too out of it to register much. Then the house phone rang yet again. This is a lot of ringing post-election during the day. I forced my eyes to open and somehow focus on the caller ID (these over-40 eyes don’t focus like they used to!) and it was my neighbor’s cell phone. I could only think of one reason why she would be calling me. I didn’t pick it up in time, and she didn’t leave a message, but immediately thereafter I heard my cell phone ringing downstairs. I ran downstairs, tripping over cats and dogs as I went.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“Yeah, what’s going on?” I asked groggily, since I also had seen that I had two other missed calls and two texts on my phone. The texts were both from her and the calls were from…..wait for it……the kids’ school.

“The school called me,” she said. “Belle, your Belle [she has a daughter Belle too], has a fever and when they couldn’t get ahold of you, they called me. I’m the last resort contact.”

Of course. The day I’m sick in bed and am not answering phones is the day I have a sick kid and the school can’t get in touch with me. Lovely. And they call my neighbor, who is listed as an alternate contact, but who works as a traveling physical therapist and would be hard pressed to pick up her own kids, let alone mine.

So that concludes the award story. I suppose it could have been worse, but that’s bad enough.

The rest of the Belle-is-sick story is that — she isn’t sick.

I think she probably wasn’t feeling well at some point. They told me she had a fever of 101. When I picked her up she asked if she could go to sleep in the car, for our 7 minute drive home. Very unlike her – this kid runs at full speed all the damn time. When we got home I took her temp myself – a hair under normal at 98. Nowhere near 101. And her activity level returned to normal within 30 minutes too. She says she feels fine.

Of course I still feel lousy.


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