Someone left my cats out in the rain

It’s been raining in these here parts of the woods for the last few days. Cold, icky, rainy rain. No, all rain is not “rainy”. But the rain we’re having right now is.

Last night, just before I headed up to bed, I let the dogs out for one last “go” before bed, as I always do. It was downright pouring. Being the coddled wimps they are, they weren’t much interested in getting out there. But I cajoled and maybe pushed a little to make them. Our newest dog, Dexter, is very much a Mama’s boy, and does not like to be out of my aura for very long, so I stepped outside with him. Yes, in the pouring rain. In my pajamas. I tried staying under the eaves as much as possible to stay dry, but as you might imagine, I was not very successful at this. After making them stay out there for a certain period of time (like, till I had had enough), we went in. I’m not sure any of them actually “did” anything.

So it was no surprise to me when at o’dark thirty Tessie, the dog with the most urgent colon in the neighborhood, started pacing in my bedroom. OK, so it was 6:00, but it was dark! And it was earlier than I like to wake up. I knew she needed to go out. So I took all the dogs downstairs with me at that ungodly hour. The cats appeared from their hiding spots and meowed up quite a ruckus to be fed (aside: I have never seen cats so damn hungry all the damn time!). It was not pouring, but it was precipitating – let’s call it a light rain.

Of course since I wanted to get back upstairs for a few more minutes of snooze time, all the dogs were taking their time in coming back in. I opened the slider to call to them, and Splash, our black cat, scooted out. Damn it! We’ve been keeping them inside, but even if I wanted them to go out, a rainy, dark morning is not when I would choose to initiate them. I figured, what with water falling from the sky and all, that he’d come dashing back in, but no. And you try finding a black cat in the dark! In fact, what happened next sealed my fate. When I opened the door again to call to the dogs, Everest, the grey cat, slipped out to join his bother. Double Damn it! (I might have said something a tad more off color.) So now I have all 3 dogs, plus my 2 indoor cats outside. In the rain. And it’s dark. And I can do only one thing.

I step outside. In my pajamas. In the rain. Barefoot. And I start calling and kissing to the cats as if there is nothing I’d rather be doing. The dogs were more than happy to respond to this – I put them in one by one and closed the door behind them. The cats were quite content to explore this new dark, wet world and it took a bit longer for them to come to me, but finally they did.

I was officially awake for the day.


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