Spending to save

Spending money to save money – do I really believe that? Hmmm, sometimes….

I frequent a message board (OK, it’s about Disney) and there are multiple boards and threads about anything and everything imaginable. I am not kidding. Just think of something and they are discussing it. OK, well, it doesn’t get X rated or anything – I suppose the worst it gets is PG-13, but often with a lot of code words when the topic is more adult.

Anyway, one of my favorite boards to read is the Budget Board. Folks share ideas on saving money, whether it’s through coupon clipping, cooking ahead for the week so you don’t eat out, allowance ideas for kids, etc. Yesterday I saw a thread that said, among other things, that Wal-Mart would be offering $50 iTunes gift cards today for $35. So I went and bought two. I’m not sure who I’m giving them to (I might keep one for us, but we don’t need them both), but I just couldn’t pass up such a deal. I got home from the store and went on the board to post that I’d had success, and saw another thread that Barnes and Noble has an eBay storefront where they are selling their 3G+WiFi Nook (refurbished) for $99.

Any guesses what I did next?

I’ve been wanting an eReader pretty much ever since the Kindle came out 2-ish years ago. They’ve been dropping in price like crazy, and I said whichever device, Kindle or Nook, hit $99 or less first I would buy. I’m an Amazon devotee, but Barnes and Noble beat them to it. I have both company’s apps on my iPhone and have read quite a few books on my tiny screen – it’s not really that bad. But I’m excited about getting a real live eReader too! And the nice thing about the Nook is that you can lend books to other Nook users. Since more and more of my friends are Nook owners, this will probably work out well for me.

Wonder how I can save money tomorrow?

Maybe I can start by staying off the Internet!


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