The Extra Hour Trap

I hate Standard Time. I know I’ve blogged about this before, and I’m entirely too lazy to link to those posts now. If you’re actually interested feel free to do a search for them yourself, but my advice is to skip it. I’m pretty sure you won’t find anything much different from what I’ll say here.

So we changed the clocks back an hour last night. I changed all the clocks before I went to bed, including the clocks in the kids’ rooms, while they were sleeping. Tee hee hee – this was my little trick, since I never even mentioned a time change to them. They would wake up an hour “early” but see the time and know they couldn’t get up yet (they are under strict orders to stay in bed until at least 7). And it worked! They both woke up but played or read quietly in their rooms until their clocks tolled 7, which their bodies still knew as 8. An extra hour for me!

And I actually liked it, mostly, until the sun started going down, an hour earlier than yesterday. I really hate this part.

Counting down till the Winter Solstice, when at least the days will start getting longer again. Still a long way to “Spring Ahead” though.


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