Calling all cat experts!

OK, another post about cats. And this time I need help.

I’ve had cats before. In fact, I’ve often said I’m more of a cat person than a dog person. Dogs just need you more, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

The two cats we have now are sweet, loving, affectionate and adorable. They purr almost constantly and love to snuggle. We adored them right away.

The two cats we have now are extremely naughty!! I have never had counter surfers, but these two can’t stay off the counters, or the kitchen table, which skeeves me out, man! I use a spray bottle and blast them when I can, but as soon as I turn my back, or god forbid have to leave the room, they’re right back on it. It is driving me MAD, I say!

They are also the biggest food hounds I have EVER seen. They cannot stay out of the way long enough for us to get their food in their bowls, and once we set it down they dive on it as if they’ve never eaten before, ever. And I’ve learned, the hard way, to put all food that we used to leave out on the counters (boxes of cereal, packages of bagels, etc), in a secure place! They open containers¬† – boxes, bags and plastic tubs – to eat our food!

So please tell me – how can I get them to stop this awfulness? And apart from playing with them all day (not possible), how can I turn my two night owls into daytime creatures? I don’t mind that they sleep most of the day – I mind that they are up wreaking havoc all night!

Thank you so much, all ye cat experts out there!


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