I tried to give blood today. And was deferred! It turns out that my tattoo, the one I got in July, was done in an “unregulated state” and so I have to wait a year before I can give again.

I’m blood type O Negative, the universal donor, and since it’s already been way too long since I last gave, I feel bad that I’ve waited so long, and will now have to wait longer.

But now I want to know which states are regulated! I got mine in New York (not the state I live in) and while state regulation wasn’t on my mind when I got it, I would have sworn NY was a regulated state. They seem to regulate pretty much everything else.

Also, I might like to get another one someday, maybe sooner rather than later, maybe not. Knowing there are states I can get one and not be deferred could influence which state I choose, especially since as a New Englander I have multiple states within a reasonable driving distance.

Anyone know which states are regulated? A quick Google search did not turn up anything definitive. I wish I had asked at the donation site, but I didn’t, and the Red Cross web site doesn’t specify.


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