Shopping Shenanigans

Tonight we had an errand to run. We had to go to Target to 1) pick up a prescription, and 2) buy a birthday present for one of our dear friends who just turned 10 and will be visiting us this weekend.

I prefer to do these types of errands sans kids. Who wouldn’t? But logistics didn’t allow that this time. Foreshadowing.

My kids, once they are in a store, turn into raving lunatics. “Can we get this shiny thing here?” “Can we get that bright that over there?” “Can we get, can we get, can we get?”

It is enough to drive me MAD!!

The girls knew we had these two tasks to accomplish. My mantra lately, when they ask for any every given thing is to tell them to put it on their Christmas list. Which of course they promptly forget to do once they are actually in front of said list.

Setting expectations beforehand should help. I do this every time. It doesn’t help. At least not with my kids. Krystal used shopping for her friend, who is her age, as an excuse to ask for makeup, makeup cases, markers (that she wants for school), video games, posters, giant candy bars and clothes. None of these I thought were appropriate for our friend (we already had one thing for her – I was looking to round it out with something else – we ended up with a craft kit). But ohmygosh, can I just say that Krystal was a total nudge the whole time!


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