Special Friend Day

This morning as she was packing her backpack for school Krystal thrust some papers in my face that she took out of her folder which she should have given me last night, but I digress.

One of them is for a “4th Grader Grandparents Day”. Each 4th grader can invite a grandparent, or “if your child’s grandparent(s) are unable to attend he/she may invite a special person to visit. Any student who is unable to arrange for a visitor will have a special role as an usher.” (Usher being the “throw ’em a bone role” obviously)

She asked “Can I invite Babci?”  (Babci, pronounced “bachee” is Polish for grandmother, and is what she calls my ex-husband’s mother.)

Inwardly, I sighed.

My kids have three grandmothers. Sort of. My mother, my step-mother, and my ex’s mother. The relationship with my mother is strained. My mother is not a kid person. She loves my kids, but they get on her nerves really quickly, and she constantly makes up rules that they have just broken. They ask me why she is so mean to them. I have no answer. My step-mother is better with them, but because of distance and a bit of weird family dynamics involving my mother, our visits with her are usually short and somewhat far between. Babci is the best with them. She is a kid at heart herself and has boundless imagination and patience. We don’t see her often because I’m no longer married to her son, who is not my children’s father in any sense of the word, but she does acknowledge them on their birthdays and all major holidays. I love this, particularly that she treats Belle the same as Krystal, and I adopted Belle after her son and I divorced.

I guess we’ll call her and ask her. The “event” is only for an hour though, and they live almost two hours away. I know she would be absolutely thrilled to be asked, even if she can’t come. My own mother would be devastated if she knew, but she won’t.

OK, enough seriousness for today. I have friends in town and I’m off to play!


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