Sibling Shenanigans

This morning Krystal was a bear to get out of bed. That’s not really news, since every school morning we battle over this, but I need to set the stage.

Once she got out of bed I had to follow behind her, pretty much, to get her to move anything. I got to hear her whine about how tired she is, how tight her sneakers are, how she can’t find her favorite shirt, how I must have hidden her homework, ad infinitum.

She has flute on Mondays, so when she finally did most of what she needed to do, she carried her flute, in its case, into the room I was in, swatting her sister with the case as she passed by. Belle let out a wail, and Krystal threw me a defiant look.

I went off on her. I was at the end of my proverbial rope with her attitude and let loose my frustrations on her very loudly. Of course she started to cry, and of course I felt bad. Sort of. I stepped away to give us both some space, but time was running out.

She stomped and screamed and wailed, most of it unintelligible, from the other room.

Then she came to see me and threw herself into my lap, sobbing and telling me she was sad but she didn’t know why.

I put my arms around her, but she couldn’t get comfortable. She couldn’t verbalize what was wrong except to say she was tired.

All too soon it was time to go to the bus stop, but she was still not ready to smile. Not ready to be pleasant in any way to me or her sister. Frankly, I could hardly wait for that bus to show up.

Fast forward to bus delivering children home at the end of the day.

Krystal moped off the bus. Gave me a thumbs down when I asked how her day had been. And immediately started in with sniping at me and at Belle. School bus, take my whining, fighting children away!!

Not that Belle is Miss Innocent over here, oh no. She can push buttons with the best of them, and Krystal is an easy target. She enjoys getting Krystal in trouble too, and has been known to exaggerate a slight to make that happen.

I may be making it sound like today was an aberration, and while yes, it was particularly bad, it’s not really unusual. They are fighting a lot lately. I cannot relax when they are together. Mealtimes are fraught with tension and discord. Sitting together on the couch, sharing a snack, even brushing teeth are all sources of friction.

OK, that’s all I got – Ragtop out!


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