Punch Buggy

You know the game Punch Buggy, right?

Everytime you see a Volkswagen Beetle you punch the friend you’re with in the arm, and say gleefully, “Punch Buggy!” Probably because you were the puncher and not the punchee.

My kids play this game. And another, related one, called “Yellow Car.” As you might guess, based on the clever name, anytime you see a yellow car you punch your friend and say “Yellow Car!”.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


Apparently the games can be combined too, so if you see a yellow VW Beetle you get to punch multiple times. And old style bugs are worth even more. I don’t know, it all sounds too complicated for me.

Now every time we are in the car I hear a litany of “Yellow Car!” and “Punch Buggy” and “I saw it first!”. I’ve had to put a stop to the actual punching part – the screaming was getting to me. And the kids cried out sometimes too.

The thing is, my kids are so focused on this game that any other conversation takes a back seat. We could be talking about what they want for Christmas or a fun outing I am thinking of taking them on when I am interrupted by one (or both) of them shouting “Yellow Car!”

I used to drive a yellow car.


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